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Strip This Too!

Strip This Too!

STRIP THIS TOO! is a semi-paste paint and varnish remover with a proprietary blend of cutting agents, waxes and thickening agents. These waxes seal in the cutting agents after being applied and allow the product to stay wet for an extended period of time; making it possible to remove multiple coats of paint or varnish with only one application. 


Strip This Too! will remove:

  • latex
  • oil based enamels
  • epoxy
  • coal tar epoxy
  • urethanes
  • polyurethane
  • shellac
  • varnish
  • lacquers
  • elastomeric and clear coats from wood, metal, brick, concrete, fiberglass, glass and stone
  • STRIP THIS TOO! is an above average product for graffiti removal.


  • Safe for use on wood, fiberglass, glass, concrete, limestone and all metals 
  • pH neutral and does not need to be neutralized after use, prior to recoating 
  • Will cling to vertical and horizontal surfaces including ceilings without dripping 
  • Will remain wet much longer than conventional strippers allowing it to perform more effectively 
  • Will not harm glue or veneer and is safe for refinishing fine furniture and antiques 
  • Contains no methylene chloride, acids or caustics 
  • Meets Environment Canada’s Eco Logo requirements for paint strippers and meets California’s Rule 66 
  • Is an above average graffiti remover 


STRIP THIS TOO! can be brushed, trowelled or sprayed on.  When brushing, lay an even coat of stripper on the surface.  DO NOT BRUSH OUT.  When trowelling lay an even 1/16th inch coat over the entire surface. When spraying, spray an even coat of approximately 1/16th over entire surface.  On all 3 applications you must allow the product to perform before you break the surface of the stripper to start your clean up.   A typical strip time for most coatings is between 2 to 4 hours on average. Leaving STRIP THIS TOO! to work longer will result in much less scraping and cleaning. Let the stripper do the work for you.  If any residue is still on the stripped surface, scrub with a nylon Scotch Brite pad and additional STRIP THIS TOO! LIQUID to remove the balance of residue.


Use a quality airless spray gun with a .055 orifice and pressure between 40 to 60 psi. Keep compressor away from work area. 


Coverage: 100 square feet/gallon 


Use STRIP THIS TOO! LIQUID and Scotch Brite pads to clean surface of any residue and to clean up all your equipment. 


  • Removes graffiti on painted surfaces without removing the base coat. Saves time and money because there is no need to repaint. 
  • Excellent for the final clean up of wood. It removes the paint from the grain, beautifies the wood and prepares it for recoating. 
  • Cost effective as a brush cleaner, rejuvenates old brushes. 
  • An ideal product for cleaning small parts and large scale refinishing using dip tanks. 
  • Ideal for cleaning spray equipment, lines and hoses. 


  • Avoid eye and skin contact. Never use near open flames, electrical or sparks. 
  • Wear protective safety equipment, gloves, goggles and respirator, if necessary. NEVER USE STRIP 
  • Please refer to MSDS and contact Specialty Products Group. 


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